Anything and everything F L O R A L!

I just can’t get enough; I could buy all things floral, all of the time! If it wasn’t for my husband, I think I would literally have floral everything – understand that it’s not that he won’t let me, because he literally has no limits for me, but it’s because I am a good wife, and won’t do that to him!

Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, on my recent trip to the UK, I stopped into one of my favourite stores; Cath Kidston! So, what did I purchase? HA! What didn’t I purchase? Everything in that store is so tempting, its unbelievable!

After circling the store, about three times (and I visited maybe, 5 different Cath Kidston stores, and  continued this routine in each store), I finally decided on a few items:

  • Classic floral mugs
  • Mint floral soup bowls
  • Bright floral breakfast plates
  • Floral bento box set
  • Owls and Flowers iPhone case
  • pretty flower travel mug
  • body lotion and hand lotion

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