One of the most important pieces you must own (especially here in Canada) is a pair of very warm winter boots.

For many years now I have been the proud owner of UGGs – I found myself buying a new pair to my collection every year or so, not because the previous pair was worn out but because I loved the boot so much!

I am super excited to start wearing my UGGs again this upcoming season, buthavs also recently made a purchase of another pair or winter boots to add to my “super warm and comfy winter boot” collection.

Over the weekend, I spent some time at the Columbia Employee Store here in London; browsing for really anything that could catch my eye. Of course, something did!

The store carries a large selection of Sorel items, which is one of the other sought out winter clothing and footwear brands in the country. I have dreamt of a classic pair or Sorel boots for some time now, but each year opted for UGGs instead – which I definitely do not regret, I love my UGGs.

But, being at the store with this large selection on Sorel choices I decided it was time (and a sign) that I should finally get myself a pair of Sorel boots!

Originally, I was tempted  by the “Out and About”  leather boot and the “Tivoli II” suede boot, but with some carefull examination and thought of my needs for the boot, I decided to buy the “Joan of Arctic” boot. What swayed my decision was the fact that the winters are rough here in Canada, and I am pretty much always cold!

The boot comes in four different colours, and is meant for heavy snow and temperatures up to -30 degrees Celsius – perfection!

My husband also chose a pair of Sorel boots for himself, so let me know if you want to hear about his boots too, and if so, I’ll write a post about them too!

Winter prep is full steam ahead!




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