I recently read a great article in Porter Magazine asking “Are Heels a Feminist Issue?”.  The article basically discussed if woman should be obligated to wear heels to work, as opposed to flats, and if heels made a woman more feminine?

It’s an interesting question really, and I guess the only right answer in my opinion is; whatever you are more comfortable in, as long it works for the the occasion.

I LOVE heels, but they are not always the most appropriate choice,  and that’s when flats come into play.

Especially in the direction fashion is going it is becoming more and more common to wear flats or “kitten heels”; as the styles are becoming more fun and/or classy, where they can easily replace the classic black pump (though nothing is more classic than the “classic black pump”). I definitely think that every woman, at a certain age, should own a classic pair of black pumps – whether she wears them once a year or once a week, there is an unwritten rule of owning a classic pair.

Personally, I wear both; lately I’ve been running around in chunky 3.5 inch booties, which I am completely comfortable in, but that might not be the case for others. It all depends on the shoe too – heeled boots may be more comfortable for you than heeled sandals; everyone is different.

So my answer; everyone is different, whatever you are most comfortable in; and it must be appropriate for the occasion.

Happy Saturday!


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