img_5522The healthy lifestyle has always been something I’ve tried to live by, in one way or another, but nothing like where I am right now. Working out hasn’t always been “my thing”. Only recently have I become fully invested in the art of the work out.

Recently I’ve learned the importance of being active – although I have only begun a scheduled plan a few weeks ago, I am already feeling the changes – every little bit helps. I always found it difficult to find a routine and stick to it, until I came across someone I’ve come to admire – Anna Lewandowska.

I started doing her 15/7 workout a few weeks ago – starting out, it was difficult to keep up, but now, the pain I feel is pure happiness. I know that the pain means that my body is getting stronger and let me tell you, it’s a great feeling!

Her workouts are fun and fulfilling – and give me just the right enough amount of push. I highly recommend the #HealthPlanByAnn by Anna Lewansowska.

Happy #MotivationMonday !!


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