Chloe Inspired Outfit

One of the best things about Canada is that sometimes we get lucky and the beautiful summer weather continues on right through to October; such as today, all day it was 26 degrees Celsius!

This is one of my favorite looks for the season; thigh high boots, Chloe inspired flowy dress, leather jacket, and a wool hat!

The dress is fairly new and I’ve only worn it a few times. Though you can’t see it on these photos, it has a design embroidered all over and is a long sleeve. The sleeves also have a bit of a bell style to them, which I’m absolutely in love with this season! I purchased the dress at the GAP; one of my favorite places to shop for deals!

The boots I purchased from ASOS last year along with a few other pairs; I was on a boot hunt and decided I needed more than one pair. #typicalshopaholicmove

Now, the most important part of this outfit, THE BAG! My darling Chloe Drew; one of my 25th Birthday presents, which I purchased at the Chloe Boutique on Madison Ave – ah, NYC!

But that’s all I’ll say about the bag now; I promise to make a post about it and then I’ll give you all the beautiful details!

So anyways, hope you like the photos and outfit as much as I do!

Have a great day darlings!


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