Every woman should have at least, one classic pair of flats in her closet – one pair that she can wear with any outfit, day or night. My classic pair, is a classic lace up flat – I’ve had this pair for a few years now, and still love them as if they were brand new.
So, if I was to move on to my next pair or lace ups, I would opt for a pair similiar to one of these pairs – as you can tell, I would be purchasing a pair from Aquazzura. Here are my top five picks, not in any specific order, all found on one of my favourite shopping sites; the one and only Net-A-Porter! All from Aquazurra, and I managed to slip in a Fendi pair as well!


1. Aquazzura, Christy Leopard print calf hair point toe flats
2. Aquazzura, Belgravia embroidered suede flats
3. Fendi,  Embellished floral applique patent leather point toe flats
4. Aquazzura, Christy suede point toe flats
5. Aquazzura, Christy lizzard effect leather point toe flats

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